Paint Boss Cream Palette

A must-have for the pro artist and beauty enthusiast!
Is it a blush, an eyeshadow, lip color, foundation, contour, or is it for F/X??
All of the above!!!
This ultra-versatile cream color palette is a makeup enthusiasts dream! Super rich in pigment, a little goes a long way.
Mix these iconic pigments for the most incredible glowing blush, or use as an eyeshadow base beneath mineral eyeshadow to give a deeper magnetic pop.
Or how about going it alone and creating geometric designs?
Perhaps you want to mix 3 colors to make a perfect contour or foundation! Or how cool and limitless is this palette for the edgiest Halloween vibes?
The sky is TRULY the limit with this multi-faceted cream dream!

Bosso Pro Tip:

Mix a tiny amount of Coral or Hot Pink with Metallic silver or Gold for a glowing blush like no other! And you can add the silver alone above for your highlight.
Take a minuscule bit of Red and use as a lip stain (pat on lightly) for an effortless healthy pout.
Mix brown, white, coral, and yellow for a perfect foundation (mix may vary for skin color; use a tiny amount of black for darker skin tones)
Mix brown and white for a chiseled to perfection contour!
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