IN-STUDIO and ONLINE Makeup Lessons and Classes with Kimberley Bosso

Whether you are a novice or already a pro makeup artist, our courses will help take you through the basics, to help refresh or sharpen your skills.

One Hour Private Makeup Lesson

This in-studio one hour private makeup lesson is for the novice or the experienced. The one hour lesson is the lesson to ease your way into makeup or to perfect the look you love. Whether you’re an aspiring MUA or everyday woman new to makeup or wanting a new look, this lesson is for you. You’ll learn one look… day or night. Your choice. (You can also choose to take the lesson ONLINE one-on-one with Kimberley!)

Two Hour Makeup Class

This in-depth in-studio 2 hour class takes it a notch up from the one hour. It’s best suited for the woman who wants to learn two looks (day and night) and the correct makeup colors, products, and techniques best suited for your individual face. I’ll take a peek into your makeup bag and daily routine.  (You can also choose to take this lesson ONLINE one-on-one with Kimberley!)

One Day Intensive Makeup Workshop

This in-studio workshop takes it to a whole other level. It’s designed for all levels of comfort and any age. Whether you’re the everyday woman, a novice, aspiring makeup artist, a beauty enthusiast, or an artist with experience, this all day intensive makeup class will teach you two looks of your choice and lots of in-depth theory and demos. (You can also choose to take this workshop ONLINE  with Kimberley!)