Get perfect brows every time with Duo Brow Powder, Brow Pencils, and Bossy Brow Highlighter Sticks.
Duo Eye Brow Powder
Get perfect brows every time with Duo Brow Powder. This lightweight, sheer to medium coverage two-tone powder is smudge-proof so it’ll stay on all day.
Eye Brow Pencils
This gluten-free dual brow pencil will give the most natural looking brows out there with 4 perfectly matched shades. The wax in this pencil glides on smoothly and perfectly to achieve a full lush natural brow.
Bossy Brow Highlighter Pencil - Beige
Bossy Brow Highlighter Stick
These wind up Bossy Brow Highlighter Sticks give life! They pop and perfect for a perfectly framed brow every time. Available in Pink and Beige.
Brow Stay

Comb your brows into the direction and shape you desire and they’re guaranteed to stay put all day! 

This brow gel conditions, sets, and even tints to help brows appear thicker and healthier looking. 

Now that’s some browza wowza!!