Ivory Cream Foundation



A lightweight yet buildable cream full-coverage foundation that’s good for your skin. This product has a luxurious creamy formula that glides on effortlessly. Without ever feeling or looking cakey or heavy, this foundation leaves skin looking naturally luminous. For thinner coverage spread out on a palette to thin it out. You can also place two drops of rose oil if you prefer even thinner coverage. For thicker coverage no mixing on palette required.

  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free

Note: Due to the Cream Foundation Quad emollient formula, you may see small droplets of natural oils appear on the surface of the product, especially if exposed to elevated temperatures or direct, strong sunlight. These droplets in no way compromise the integrity of this foundation or its performance. Should they occur, swirl a brush or a clean fingertip over the product’s surface to mix them back in; then apply as desired.

Bosso Pro Tip:

The best way to apply this cream foundation is to scoop a bit out with a metal spatula and spread out on a palette or clean surface. Use foundation brush for best results or you can apply sparingly with fingertips and then building up after the first layer. Gives beautiful coverage on any skin type.